Absolver and Heavy Rain are Coming to PlayStation Plus Next Month

It's been announced that Absolver and Heavy Rain will headline July's PlayStation Plus lineup.

credit//Devolver Digital

It's the end of the month and that means we are about to get a bunch of new games coming if you are subscribed to either PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live. These services mean that if you are signed up for online, you can accumulate a pretty huge library for the price of absolutely nothing. This month seems like a really good month too.

It's been announced that if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber through July you will have the pick of some really great titles. First up on PlayStation is Absolver. The indie game is a melee fighting game full to the brim of truly exciting and interesting ideas. You build your own combos and develop your own fighting style to interact in a mystic and mysterious world. It doesn't hold your hand and you are left to find your own path, but if you want to try something really different in the fighting game genre, you definitely should check it out.

Secondly, on PlayStation 4, Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain is also coming to PlayStation Plus. You'll be able to claim your copy of the arguably the best game from the developer. Certainly, the one that propelled them into the mainstream. If you've recently just beaten Detroit: Become Human and want to see the developer's other efforts, this is a nice little incentive.

Elsewhere on the PlayStation 3, Rayman 3 HD and Deception 4: The Nightmare Princess are available. Space Overlords and Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma make up the PlayStation Vita games.

That's a solid line-up to sink your teeth into. Have at it.