Alolan Meowth, Mudkip, Pikachu, & More Pokémon GO Stickers Coming

As major updates come to Pokémon GO in the form of Remote Raid Invites, new Legendary Raid Bosses, Mega Evolution, and a level cap increase, Niantic has also been enriching the game with quality-of-life updates. These updates include stickers, which can be either received through Gifts from friends or purchased through the in-game store. A new round of stickers will be added to the store now, with artwork that depicts Alolan Meowth, Mudkip, Pikachu, Marill, and more.

New gift Stickers for Pokémon GO trainers. Credit: Niantic
New gift Stickers for Pokémon GO trainers. Credit: Niantic

This new round of stickers will be available in the shop in the coming days. After buying them, players can attack stickers to Gifts when sending them to friends. That friend, when opening the Gift, will see the sticker attached. It won't stay in their inventory, so it's essentially a piece of artwork that can either carry a message to trainers (like the "Bye" sticker featuring Bulbasaur waving goodbye, which some memeing trainers have attached to gifts from PokéStops at graveyards or memories) or just function as a quick hello.

Some trainers on social media have expressed frustration that there is no practical use to stickers in Pokémon GO. I would personally argue, though, that there is a place for something like stickers in this game that encourages grinding, catching as many Pokémon as possible, battling in as many raids as players can afford. Stickers have one purpose and one purpose only: for Pokémon GO trainers to send cute artwork to their friends. While this update won't help trainers battle, it enriches the game visually in a small way, adding a personal touch to Gifts that can otherwise feel monotonous to open. It may be a slight change, but it's quality-of-life updates like this that show that Niantic, while they are of course trying to make money, are approaching the game not only as a cash cow but as a lifestyle for players who are looking for diverse ways to enrich their Pokémon GO experience.

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