Articuno Has The Surprise Legacy Move Hurricane In Pokémon GO Raids

Articuno stormed into Legendary Raids this Friday in Pokémon GO, and will be the only Tier Five raid boss for one week. There is something special about this currently Articuno raid rotation that Niantic didn't announce, though. Shortly after its release, players began to notice that all of the Articuno they'd caught had a Legacy move: Hurricane, a Flying-type Charge Attack.

Articuno Has the Surprise Special Move Hurricane in Pokémon GO Raids. Credit: Niantic
Articuno Has the Surprise Special Move Hurricane in Pokémon GO Raids. Credit: Niantic

Normally, Articuno has the following moves available as Fast Attacks:

  • Frost Breath (Ice-type)
  • Ice Shard (Ice-type)

…and these as Charged Attacks:

  • Ancient Power (Rock-type)
  • Blizzard (Ice-type)
  • Ice Beam (Ice-type)
  • Icy Wind (Ice-type)

…with Frustration automatically put on Shadow Articuno and Return on Purified Articuno, as per usual.

The Legacy move of Hurricane gives Articuno its only Flying-type attack, which will primarily be of use in PVP. This will give it an upper hand over Fighting-type Pokémon — especially Pokémon that will expect an Ice-type move to come from the Legendary Bird, which may make them decide not to shield. While Icy Wind will still be the preferred Charged Attack for most trainers, this surprise addition of Hurricane during this Raid Rotation will allow trainers options on this Kanto favorite without having to use an Elite Charged TM, which are hard to come by.

This surprise Legacy move on Articuno brings up questions about the next raid boss, Zapdos. Zapdos currently has one Legacy move: Thunder Shock, an Electric-type Fast Attack. If Articuno received Hurricane, might this upcoming raid rotation feature a Zapdos with Thunder Shock? And what of the next boss, which most assume will be Moltres, which could perhaps be released with its popular Legacy Charged Attack, the Flying-type move of Sky Attack? As information comes out, Bleeding Cool will follow to keep all Pokémon GO trainers up to date.

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