Friendships? What Friendships?!? We Review 'Bad People'

A little bit of a warning before you tread into this review of Bad People: This is Not Safe For Work! For real, unless you got a cool boss or a company that still hasn't figured out how the internet works, this is going to be touching on some taboo topics. A liitle more so than your average game review. So if your company is not down with naughty of offensive stuff being read on their bandwidth, you might wanna save this review for later as we delve into the card game that is Bad People.

Bad People is an adult card game for 3-10 players where everyone makes decisions about each other that are both insulting and hilarious. Everyone starts by choosing an identity card. These range from a black dildo to a priest reading a porno mag to anal beads to a van with the words "free candy" on the side. These are used for people to identify you without just saying your name out loud. Everyone then gets voting cards for themselves and all the other players that match the symbols on the board.

You start by having the last person who arrived go first and take on the role of The Dictator. You then draw one of the white cards and ask the group a question like, as seen above, " Who would be the easiest to kidnap?" The Dictator makes a choice from all the people in their hand (including themselves) and lays it on the table. Then going left, everyone votes on who they believe the dictator chose. Then, everyone reveals their choices one-by-one, until the Dictator reveals their choice last. If you guess correctly, you get a point, and the first to seven wins the game

Bad People is based in two concepts: Who do you know the best and who can you insult the worst. There are no wrong answers to make as far as the game goes, but there are many to make as far as friendships and relationships go. The best way to play is with married couples as there are many questions about sexual preferences and desires, intelligence, political views, history, and a number of other topics that will give you and others many dead stares and awkward looks. The game is designed to make everyone embarrassed at some point, but also with the understanding that it's just a game and none of it means anything. Well, until you find out who likes assplay, then it becomes interesting.

There are a few other variations on the game you can play ranging from scoring choices to how people choose. There's even an option in there where you can argue against being the one chosen by the Dictator. If you truly feel you aren't the best choice for a certain card, you can spend two minutes presenting your case before everyone to vote on. If you win, you get a point for successfully getting out of being labeled whatever horrible thing you were labeled. But if you don't, the game opens the options up for you to do something risque in return (essentially a dare).

Bad People is a really awesome game. It felt like Cards Against Humanity using ourselves as the punchlines. That being said, this game isn't for everyone, and as we played it in public at The Watchtower Cafe in Salt Lake City, we got our own fair share of dirty looks from people who passed by to see what we were playing. No kids or teens, these were adults who took one look at a card or heard a result and instantly became offended. So bare in mind that you need players with an extra layer of skin and a sense of humor who find no subject too taboo to cross. Also, there are expansion packs with even nastier options than what you see here in case you feel like this version is somehow "tame." I enjoyed it and I'd love to play it again drunk.

You can purchase the game at, along with the "NSFW Brutal" expansion pack.

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