PUBG Mobile Collaborates With Metro Exodus For New Event

The worlds of PUBG Mobile and Metro Exodus are colliding as the two games come together for a new collaborative event. The event brings a new game mode "Metro Royale" where you will explore uncharted terrain covered in snow with new maps while utilizing new equipment to help conquer new challenges. This is less about being the last to snag a chicken dinner and more about surviving to have any dinners in the future. There will also be Metro themed content in the Classic Mode, the addition of Underground Metro stations, Metro monsters, and a Radiation Zone that will now appear on the classic Erangel map. On top of that, the Aurora (which is under repair) can and will appear on Spawn Island as you can get around quickly using 2 of 4 metro lines that will randomly appear in Erangel. These additions present a whole new set of advantages and traps for everyone involved. You can read more about the event below.

PUBG Mobile Collabourates With Metro Exodus For New Event
Credit: Tencent Games

Similarly, Metro Royale mode introduces tactical equipment which players can gain strategic tactical advantages over enemy players, including Thermal Sight, Night Vision Scope & Goggles to track enemies in the dark. A diverse range of armor attachments that can be further customize the abilities of armors. Other new armory includes grenade attachments for weapons, heavy armor, and the unique silent air rifle – Tikhar Rifle used in the Metro series. In addition to the new gears and map locations, today's content update delivers fresh challenges for players to earn valuable rewards. Added bandits as enemies traverse the Metro Royale battleground, which can be raided for additional loot and supplies. Mysterious mutants from Metro series also threaten players from the shadows, offering high risk and high reward. In Metro Royale mode, players need to arm themselves and enter the battlefield, then defeat enemies, search for supplies, score loot, get better gear, escape and amass a fortune. The Metro Royale gameplay lobby is accessible through the metro tunnel entrance in the PUBG Mobile main menu lobby, and includes a complete auxiliary system and features such as:

  • Black Market – In this Metro Royale Shop, players can purchase supplies and new equipment before entering matches and can sell the supplies they bring out of Metro Royale for Metro Cash. The Black Market offers Metro Royale exclusive weapons, mines and more, all categorized into different quality levels
  • Loadout Inventory – Players can configure personalized loadouts to be used in battle, including gear and ammunition. Similarly, items collected in Metro Royale can be deposited at the in-game safe, and will be brought back for accessibility after the match
  • Command Post – At the Command Post, players can check Favorability with non-player characters (NPCs), read NPC backstories and give them Favorability-boosting gifts. Higher Favorability increases player chances of receiving resources from NPCs in-game.

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