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Daedalic Entertainment Will Release"Iron Danger" On March 25th

"Iron Danger" Receives One Last Gameplay Trailer

Daedalic Entertainment and Action Squad Studios have released one more trailer for Iron Danger, showing off the gameplay before it comes out this month This one reveals more of the story to you while also showing off more of the game's unique mechanics Especially the one where you can bend and mess with time to[...]

Daedalic Entertainment Will Release"Iron Danger" On March 25th

Daedalic Entertainment Will Release"Iron Danger" On March 25th

Daedalic Entertainment along with Action Squad Studios will be releasing their time-travel tactical RPG game Iron Danger on Steam on March 25th The game has had an intriguing story as it combined Nordic mythology,  steampunk, and tech noir into this amazing RPG title We had a chance to try it out back at E3 last[...]

We Explored A Bit In "The Suicide Of Rachel Foster" At PAX West 2019

"The Suicide Of Rachel Foster" Receives A Release Date

This week, Daedalic Entertainment finally revealed the release date of their upcoming exploratory thriller game, The Suicide Of Rachel Foster The game will be making its way to PC via Steam on February 19th, 2020 We tried this game out a little back at PAX West this year, as it was supposed to be out[...]

"Unrailed!" Receives It's First Content Update

"Unrailed!" Receives It's First Content Update

Daedalic Entertainment released a new content updated into Unrailed! this week, which includes some Halloween material and new wagons The co-op party game where you build a railroad in a short amount of time in a pixel world has some spooky additions, as you can see from the image below But it also comes with[...]

"Felix The Reaper" Gets A New Behind-The-Scenes Video

Daedalic Entertainment released a brand new behind-the-scenes video this week showing off the work behind Felix The Reaper The video has a few of the developers chatting about how they created the look and feel of the game as you see Felix dance around to his music Watching death work with a pair of Bluetooth[...]

We Tried Out "Marvel's Avengers" From Square Enix At PAX West 2019

Daedalic Entertainment Brings "Unrailed" To PAX West 2019

We paid a visit to Daedalic Entertainment at PAX West 2019 for a few games, and the first one we got to try out was a four-player builder called Unrailed This game has you as four different characters who work together to build a railroad line to a station across different types of terrain Sounds[...]

We Explored A Bit In "The Suicide Of Rachel Foster" At PAX West 2019

We Explored A Bit In "The Suicide Of Rachel Foster" At PAX West 2019

The other game we got to try out from Daedalic Entertainment at PAX West 2019 was an exploratory story called The Suicide Of Rachel Foster The game has you as a young woman who used to live with her family at a hotel they owned in the mountains She's now an adult and the family[...]

Exploring New ROCCAT and Turtle Beach Gear During E3 2019

Daedalic Entertainment Bring "Iron Danger" To E3 2019

During E3 this year, we checked in with Daedalic Entertainment to look at the latest game from Action Squad Studios called Iron Danger This game is a tactical RPG that utilizes time and planning in order to get the most out of your experience and keep you alive The game has a timeline mechanic that[...]

Daedalic Entertainment Reveals New Game Lord of the Rings: Gollum

It looks like we're getting a new Lord of the Rings video game, this time from Daedalic Entertainment as they revealed Lord of the Rings: Gollum The news came from the Hollywood Reporter, who Daedalic broke the story exclusively to this morning, with the game following the life and decisions of both Smeagol and his[...]

Daedalic Entertainment Reveals Multiplayer RTS Game Called A Year Of Rain

Daedalic Entertainment revealed a brand new game on the way as the company will be releasing a multiplayer real-time strategy title called A Year Of Rain The game will take RTS elements and mix it up with hero units for co-co campaigns both online and offline, designed to be a two-player effort whether with a[...]

Edna & Harvey: The Breakout is Coming to Modern Consoles

The last game we got to check out at the Daedalic Entertainment booth at PAX West was Edna & Harvey: The Breakout - 10th Anniversary Edition If you're not familiar with this particular game, this is a point-and-click title where you play a woman in an insane asylum trying to get out, who talks to her stuffed[...]

Death Has a Mixtape in Felix The Reaper at PAX West

Another game we got to check out at Daedalic Entertainment's booth at PAX West was a cool little puzzler called Felix The Reaper When I first saw previews of this game I had no idea what to make of it, but after playing a little, it actually warms my heart a bit Felix is, as you would[...]


Revisiting Witch It at PAX West as the Game Comes to Consoles

Daedalic Entertainment set up an appointment with us during PAX West to show off some of their upcoming and familiar titles, starting with Witch It If you've never played this game before, it's basically Prop Hunt with magic One team of witches will transform themselves into objects on a map while the second team of[...]

Daedalic's The Long Journey Home Will Release On May 30th

Daedalic's The Long Journey Home is a Space Exploration RPG that combines the best of classic space adventures like Starflight and Star Control II with the replay value of modern roguelikes, in a procedurally generated living universe inspired by beloved modern Science Fiction shows like Farscape and Firefly. In the game, your goal is pretty simple. […]