PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Gets a New Xbox One Patch to Help Frame Rate Issues

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has gotten a new Xbox One patch which brings a multitude of changes, like adding first-person solo matchmaking and further stability to the game.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

The launch of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on Xbox One, has certainly done well, with the game seemingly selling pretty well. That said, it's no secret the game has had some distinct problems when it comes to performance. The version of the title sees significant frame rate drops, especially on original consoles, not to mention its propensity for crashing.

Well, some help has come from PUBG Corp. who have pushed out a new patch for the game. It's nothing earth-shattering but it should "slightly" improve the performance of the game with both client and server FPS seeing some love. Besides that, first person solo matchmaking is becoming available for NA, EU, and Oceanic servers. You can check out all the patch notes below here.

Aim acceleration can now be adjusted by players via in-game option
Player weapon damage has been increased against vehicles. We will continue to monitor player feedback and telemetry and make further balancing adjustments as needed in future updates
FPP Solo matchmaking queue will be made available for NA/EU/and Oceanic servers. We will open other modes within those regions as concurrency allows
Fixed an issue that caused indoor lighting and shadows to appear too dark and blueish
Analog stick acceleration added while exiting the plane and while parachuting

PhysX performance enhancements
Server FPS slightly increased
Client FPS slightly increased
Some VFX received slight optimizations

Music on/off option added

Bug fixes
Addressed a number of known crashes
Fixed a UI issue that occurred when multiple players attempted to loot from the same source

The game certainly still has a pretty long way to go to feel like a fully complete version of the game, but with each patch, it gets one step closer to it. While the frame rate problems are by no means fixed, it's good they are seeing TLC with each new fix put out.