BioWare's Anthem Won't Have any PvP Content at Launch

Anthem Launch Trailer
credit// BioWare

Despite being an RPG-hybrid shooter, BioWare's Anthem won't have any PvP at launch. Which is incredibly disappointing and something of a problem for a shooter. After all, PvP is what gives FPS games their staying power. While Anthem is a hybrid, part of that pulls from shooters. And even without ranked competitive play, every shooter game in the last decade has had some kind of player vs player content.

Sure, PvP may not be everyone's cup of tea, but the multiplayer of Mass Effect: Andromeda was the one aspect of the game that wouldn't be affected by the myriad problems that plagued the ill-fated Mass Effect spinoff. Which was its only saving grace.

So to have it missing from Anthem at launch as well is a huge disappointment.

The news comes as part of the fan Q&A held by BioWare on the Anthem Twitter recently. When asked about PvP in Anthem, BioWare's Mark Darrah responded, saying that there would be no PvP in the game at launch.

Now, the key here is that Darrah says "no PvP at launch," because that means PvP could indeed be coming shortly after.

Especially when you compare Anthem to fellow RPG-Shooter hybrid Destiny. While Destiny and Destiny 2 are far from perfect games, their PvP has always been pretty on-point. Yes, D2 is missing Trials of the Nine and will be for some time, however, the general multiplayer PvP is still where Destiny 2 plays best.

So with all the things missing from Anthem at launch, you really have to wonder why anyone would switch.

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