Black Desert Mobile Launches Two New Game Modes

Pearl Abyss revealed today that Black Desert Mobile just got two new game modes with Path Of Glory and Field Of Valor. Both modes are designed to give you a little bit of an option in gameplay while still giving you the BD experience. Path Of Glory follows more of the classic tower-defense gameplay, while Field Of valor returns to the game as you and give players team up against monsters in a PvE experience, now on a new map. You can read the full patch notes here, as we have a snippet of the most important information below.

Its time to get your Path To Glory in Black Desert Mobile, courtesy of Pearl Abyss.
Its time to get your Path To Glory in Black Desert Mobile, courtesy of Pearl Abyss.

Black Desert Mobile: Path Of Glory

 · Path of Glory is a new mode where the objective is to defend the gates of a castle against waves of enemies. Call on your Family to successfully fend off the waves and secure the location!
· 2 to 6 Characters from the same Family and server can be summoned to Path of Glory.
· You can enter Path of Glory once a day by going to [Main Menu > Path of Glory].
· Each Rift (Difficulty) will also have an entry restriction based on the total combined CP of the characters participating in the mode.

 ※ If there are any network connection issues or changes while Path of Glory is in progress, the mode will automatically end and your attempt will be registered as a forfeit. You will not be able to collect any rewards from that attempt.

 ※ Entry into Path of Glory is only registered once you collect the rewards, so the number of available entries into Path of Glory will not decrease if you forfeit or otherwise end the mode without collecting the rewards.

Field Of Valor

– You can obtain a large amount of Ancient Gold Coins, Black Stones, and Silver through the new Field of Valor event.
ㆍ This Field of Valor Event will be running for 2 weeks.
ㆍ The following zones will be available in Field of Valor: Field of Valor (Difficulty 1 – 6) and Field of Valor: Highlands (Difficulty 1 – 2). (※ The required CP to enter Difficulty 1 is set at 1,600.)
ㆍField of Valor can be accessed when you have a Camp. Use Tokens of Valor to enter the mode.
ㆍ The number of Tokens of Valor required to enter each zone is as follows:
1) Field of Valor (Difficulty 1 – 6): Token of Valor x1
2) Field of Valor: Highlands (Difficulty 1 – 2): Token of Valor x2
ㆍ 2 Tokens of Valor can be obtained every day through the Event Tab.
ㆍ If you invite a friend/Guild Member with an active Combat Plus into your party, the friend/Guild Member will be able to enter the Field of valor with you regardless of their CP.
ㆍ All [Token of Valor] will be deleted once the Field of Valor Event ends.

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