Blizzard World and a Whole Host of Cosmetic Items are Now Live in Overwatch

Blizzard World, alongside some pretty impressive new cosmetics, has hit Overwatch after months of waiting.


Overwatch's newest maps has been a long time coming. Announced at November's BlizzCon, the map has been available to PC players on the PTR for some time, but for everyone else, and those who want to play matches that count, it's been a long ol' wait. Thankfully, it is over.

The map is now live on servers across all platforms, allowing you to explore the (sadly) fictional theme park based on other Blizzard properties. It's a capture and escort hybrid map, much like Eichenwald and King's Row. In my experience with it, the second point is a real killer for those attacking, as you have a long ol' way to go with many angles able to see the cart. If you just want to try the map, if you go to the arcade there is a mode where you will play only it.

To go on top of that though, there is a whole lot more now live in the update. The skins the game has been showing off for the past week are now in the gaming, bringing new looks for Hanzo, Lucio, Reaper, Zarya, Roadhog, Pharah, D.VA, Mei, Doomfist, Reinhardt Torbjorn and Widowmaker looks. There are a lot more cosmetic items though including new emotes (Sombra's is great), highlight intros, spays, the works. These are not part of any event either, so to get them, you can just get them in normal loot boxes or by spending the normal amount of coin on the stuff you want. You can check out a bunch here:

What more is there to say but have at it!

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