Blizzard Creates Animation of Zenyatta Walking After Fan Request, and It's the Best

Blizzard has responded to a sign in Overwatch League and decided to let Zenyatta walk to rather hilarious effect.


Blizzard has been having some social media fun with the Overwatch League audience recently. Several fans have been bringing in signs with… inventive suggestions for the development team on how to improve heroes. Most famously was a sign demanding to let Torbjorn wall run, to which Blizzard decided to put into practice. The results were… kind of, horrifying.

Well, it seems they are back at it, taking fan suggestions from the crowd and this time. The results are equally horrifying but at least, in a rather hilarious way. While we are used to seeing Zenyatta float around to get where he needs to go, it seems he can now put those long legs to use. However, if I was a robot and was designed to move around like this, I, too, might try to attain spiritual harmony enough to allow me to levitate. Take a look at the tweet here:

I hope Blizzard continues to do this and the Overwatch League audience continues to get inventive with their suggestions. It's always funny to see bizarre video game models doing things they aren't designed to do. And who knows? Maybe at some point, a good suggestions will come along, Blizzard will animate it for a joke and decide there is something in it. Probably not, though. I'm sure we will see Mercy swinging Reinhardt's Hammer and Roadhog using Pharah's hover pack. There. Those are my two suggestions. Have at them Blizzard.