Brezg Studio & 101XP Announce For The People Coming To Steam

This morning, publisher 101XP along with developer Brezg Studio announced their next game, For The People, is on the way to Steam this year. The game is described as an "acute social novel with strategic elements" where you will take the role of leader over a foreign country. As you might suspect from the artwork and the title and everything else you'll be reading, it's not the most pleasant of countries. It basically takes a few pages out of Eastern European stories of dictatorship and poor rule over countries that are primarily working class. You'll be given a taste of power as you gather information however possible, even by illegal means if you need to do so. But you'll also have to serve the people as all of the districts within Iron-1 need your attention with different pressing matters for all. The game itself boasts at least five endings with more secret ones hidden in the game depending on how you run things. Will you rule with an iron fist or just an urge of paranoia everywhere? Enjoy the info below from the devs along with the trailer as we wait to see when in 202 it will be released.

You chose how to rule your country in For The People, courtesy of 101XP.
You chose how to rule your country in For The People, courtesy of 101XP.

"Congratulations, dear comrade! From now on, you are the head of a small but important industrial center bearing the proud name of Iron-1. Your task will be to manage and rebuild it amidst the formation of a new totalitarian regime, currently faced with the consequences of the recent revolution, such as a deepening social crisis and an utter economic deficit. Yet we remain confident that it is young specialists such as yourself, who will lead this county to a stable and prosperous future. Glory to the Union of People's Orange Communes! Glory to Comrade Steel! Welcome to the Cold War in a parallel reality. You are Francis Reaver, the newly-elected mayor of a major industrial city in the Commonwealth of Orange Collectives, an alternate version of the Soviet Union. Your political decisions and who you choose for your allies will carve out the fate of this parallel world. Lead it to democracy or take control as an unyielding dictator. Will the party serve the people, or will the people serve the party? The choice is yours, comrade!"

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