Camp Canyonwood Is Coming To Early Access In August

Graffiti Games has revealed that they will be bringing Deli Interactive's Camp Canyonwood over to Steam's Early Access in early August. The game is a fun and kinda weird look at summer camp life as you are a counselor who works with a set of campers to clean up and restore an old location in what is essentially an expanded simulator. But it's not all archery and fishing as you still have to contend with the outdoors and the many dangers you might find in and around the campsite. Do you have what it takes to restore the place and protect the campers who helped you? You'll find out on August 4th when an early build of the game will be released. Here's more info and the latest trailer for you to enjoy.

Camp Canyonwood Is Coming To Early Access In August
Credit: Graffiti Games

As the newest counselor at Camp Canyonwood, it's up to players to successfully manage campers and restore this neglected camp to its former glory by building and modifying the campground! Summer after summer, help new groups of campers learn valuable skills and earn Badges in this charmingly strange camping life sim. From fishing and archery to rock collecting and stargazing, teach campers well while discovering their distinct quirks and preferences to ensure they have the best time possible. Protect them from the dangers of the great outdoors such as snakes, bears, and aliens, oh my! A happy camper at summer's end means more money from their parents for camp improvements, so players must do their best for the good of Camp Canyonwood!

  • Camp activities include fishing, archery, stargazing, bug catching, rock collecting, wood chopping, hiking, exploration, and wildflower collecting. More are planned for the full release.
  • Each camper has a unique look and personality. Learn about them and monitor their health and happiness. If they're unhappy (or missing), their parents may not pay at summer's end!
  • Use earned profits from successful camper management to improve the campground with new decorations and accommodations.
  • In addition to tent and cabin options, there are over 50 decorations to collect as well as dozens of plants. Some have practical uses, such as campfires for telling stories and fences to protect against bears, while some are just for fun, like statues and watch towers.
  • Complete donation quests from the camp staff to unlock new items to purchase.
  • Become immersed in the great outdoors! See how many different kinds of animals, bugs, flowers, and precious stones there are.
  • Players may encounter the occasional cryptid inspired by real-world folklore, such as ghosts, aliens, and even a Jackalope named Jack.

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