Captain Cold And Scarecrow Join Injustice 2 In A Villains-Only Trailer


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment today unveiled a new Injustice 2 trailer called It's Good to Be Bad, which showcases some of the DC Universe's Super-Villains as they appear in the world of Injustice 2. Players can get a glimpse of the fighting styles for some of the biggest Injustice 2 bad guys, and how they wreak havoc on their opponents.

Each villain gets some time to trash talk their heroic opponents before launching into a brutal beatdown session, complete with slow-mo and a typed up introduction. Just in case you forgot what Gorilla Grodd looked like. Bane does his usual spine-breaking acrobatic madness that no one that large should be capable of. Then in walk the new reveals: Captain Cold absolutely has an ice pun as his intro, because of course he does. His gameplay looks pretty solid and will definitely make a nice change to the Villains roster. Plus, this is probably the most badass you've ever seen Captain Cold.


We also get a look at Scarecrow, making this his official debut after being leaked just over a month ago. He looks a bit different than usual which is pretty nice, but I'm just not sure if I buy it.


The sickle is kind of nice, and I suppose they're trying to show us what fear toxin would make the Scarecrow look like, but I'm not buying the "this is a guy in a mask" thing from Scarecrow here. That said, the sickle looks pretty fun to play with.

The full trailer is below.

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