Check Out These 'Overwatch' Themed Controllers That You Can't Purchase

As if you need any more reasons to be angry with Overwatch and Blizzard while their anniversary wraps up this weekend, here's another one for you that we're slowly awaiting the anger to flow on their message boards over. The company partnered with ARTtitude to create 48 custom controllers based on the characters of Overwatch for PS4 and Xbox One.


What's the catch you may be asking? They're not selling them. That's right, they're only going to be available to win in giveaways and contests in Europe only. Seriously, I'm not messing with you, it makes us angry as well because we know a lot of people who would give their money hand-over-fist to have a collection of these in their home. But apparently, the plans are to do European-based contests throughout the year to give away these custom designed controllers.

I can only speak for myself in this circumstance, but I would have preferred to not know these existed. I'd love a Mercy and Reaper controller for my own home to add to the multiplayer gear in my house, as well as have two different controllers to switch between depending on my mood that game. That's just me and my own personal fun. Now that I know these exist and there's no way to purchase the ones I dig, it just feels like diehard fans in multiple countries are being trolled with something they'll never be able to purchase. They're nice to look at, but that still feels like a kick in the backside.

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