Conan Exiles Receives "People Of The Dragon" DLC

Funcom has launched a brand new DLC pack today for Conan Exiles as players can dive into a ton of content from People Of The Dragon. This particular pack is going to give you a lot to find and work with as they have added 110 new items to the mix including medieval building pieces, weapons, armor, and placeables. As far as the story of the game plays out, this DLC is themed around the kingdom of Nemedia, which if you're not familiar with Conan lore, is one of the longest rivals to Aquilonia. A lot of bad blood will be spilled in the name of a few different gods. You can check out more info below along with a brand new trailer to give you an idea of what you'll encounter.

Conan Exiles Receives "People Of The Dragon" DLC
Credit: Funcom

While Nemedia is perhaps most famed for fostering the leading philosophers and historians in Hyboria, the old kingdom can also boast a powerful army and have held the Aquilonians at bay for millennia. The People of the Dragon Pack for Conan Exiles allows you to create your own version of a Nemedian stronghold, taking this history into account.

Among the new placeables you will find journals, scrolls and a bookshelf, representing the learned women and men of Nemedia, whereas the new weapons and armor pieces allow you to charge into battle donning the fierce dragon emblem. And as a counterweight to the Roman inspired Aquilonian architecture, Nemedian building pieces have a distinct Germanic touch. Most of the new items are visible in the brand-new People of the Dragon Pack trailer. All the new content in People of the Dragon Pack is exclusive to this DLC and adds a host of new visual options but does not give any in-game advantage in power. All the new items have comparable stats to existing items.

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