Corvus Belli and Terra Cutter Set Collaboration Deal

Corvus Belli– the company behind the 28mm science fiction skirmish game Infinity, have signed a collaboration agreement with Terra Cutter, a scenery and tokens company out of Russia.

Corvus Belli and Terra Cutter Set Collaboration Deal

The deal appears to focus on terrain for Corvus Belli's Infinity and Aristeia! games, with markers and tokens as part of the agreement.


Corvus Belli and Terra Cutter sign a collaboration agreement

  • The Russian brand will manufacture scenery and markers for Infinity and Aristeia!
  • The first products will be available now in Terra Cutter website.

Bueu, 8th May 2019. Corvus Belli and Terra Cutter are pleased to announce their collaboration agreement. The Russian scenography and marker company will now belong to the Corvus Belli partnership companies. The main objective of the collaboration is to make scenery, rulers, tokens and, markers for Infinity and Aristeia!
The first products resulting from the collaboration can be purchased at Terra Cutter website.

Corvus Belli and Terra Cutter Set Collaboration Deal
//Credit: Terra Cutter


This is an interesting partnership, considering how many companies out there make MDF scenery that works so well with Infinity. The Terra Cutter terrain isn't particularly impressive, especially when compared to some of the other companies I've seen out there.

On the other hand, some of the best games of Infinity I have played have been on table with this type of scenery- the blocky, less obstructive buildings actually lend themselves to easier game play compared to more elaborate buildings, which tend to trap hands a bit during play.

The stuff that's up on the Terra Cutter site now is just the beginning, so we'll see what else comes from the company!

I'll be picking up a few pieces to see how they paint up, and how they play out in a game. Still, it's exciting to see Corvus Belli working with so many companies to bring Infinity to the masses!




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