Critical Role Surpasses MST3K Kickstarter Record at $5.79 Million

Critical Role is on a run this week to seemingly break as many Kickstarter records as they can, and overnight they achieved another milestone. At around 4am PST, their campaign reached $5.79 million becoming the all-time highest fundraising TV/film project on the website. They beat the now former record holder, Mystery Science Theater 3000, started by creator Joel Hodgson in 2015, to bring back the show before it was picked up by Netflix. At the time that campaign ended in December 2015 they had raised $5.76 million, a record that many assumed may never be broken and lasted for over three years. Critical Role achieved this feat in under four days and they still have 41 days to go.

credit//Critical Role

The campaign smashed through all of their stretch goals in a single day, leaving the crew to update their page with a couple of new goals with unknown dollar amounts to them. Whether or not they'll be adding more is unclear at this point. So far that includes two episodes of animated footage for the first story, another eight episodes of animated footage for the "Briarwoods arc", and three special episodes of the show that include Vox Machina vs. the Mighty Nein, a Guest Star Battle Royale, and Ashley Johnson being the GM for a one-shot game. Media analysts on Twitter are already predicting that their Kickstarter will surpass $10 million before it ends in mid-April. At this point, the sky is the limit for the show as we're basically just standing by to see what new records they break in the days to come.

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