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Critical Role Vox Machina’s Pike Trickfoot Has Arrived at Sideshow 
It is time to help fans finish off their Vox Machina party as another member comes to life with Pike Trickfoot Pike is a gnome cleric of Sarenrae who wears the Plate of the Dawnmartyr and, of course, is a member of Vox Machina In the world of Critical Role, she is played by the[...]
Sideshow Debuts Critical Role Taryon Darrington Vox Machina Statue
One of the more recent series is The Legend of Vox Machina, which is an Amazon animated that is series based on the first campaign of the hot Dungeons & Dragons web series called Critical Role Critical Role debuted back in 2015 and features a new world called Exandria, which was created by Matthew Mercer[...]
Critical Role's The Chronicles Of Exandria Vol. I To Be Re-Released
I: The Tale of Vox Machina reprint collects over 250 pages of art from Critters around the world, curated and art directed by Lauryn Ipsum and Critical Role's Liam O'Brien and Taliesin Jaffe With in-world commentary by the Cobalt Soul archivists of Exandria, this book devotes full chapters of gorgeous illustrations featuring notable characters, locations[...]
the legend of vox machina
Ten months after Amazon Prime Video & Critical Role's The Legend of Vox Machina hit the streaming service to huge praise from viewers and critics alike, New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2022 was the source of some excellent news First, viewers can expect the second season to kick off at the start of 2023… in[...]
We Review Critical Role's The Legend Of Vox Machina
After holding one of the most successful Kickstarter projects in history, the crew of Critical Role has finally released The Legend Of Vox Machina Working together with Titmouse Inc to produce the show and having it distributed on Amazon Prime, the crew have brought to life the adventures of their weekly streamed D&D campaign[...]
vox machina
With Amazon Prime Video & Critical Role's highly-anticipated The Legend of Vox Machina set to hit the streaming service on January 28, viewers were in for an excellent surprise when the series was given the spotlight during today's "Fanimation Week" event from Amazon's Fanology) Along with the core Critical Role cast, the series sees some[...]
The Legend of Vox Machina
So when we last checked in with Amazon Prime Video & Critical Role's highly-anticipated The Legend of Vox Machina, fans who have been eagerly anticipating the series received an early holiday present with the news that the animated series would be arriving early That's right, you can kill February 4 from your calendars and make that[...]
The Legend of Vox Machina
So the last time we did a major update on Amazon Prime Video & Critical Role's highly-anticipated The Legend of Vox Machina, it was October and the viewers were being treated to a look at the opening title sequence as well as the cast performing a live read of a scene from the series Considering[...]
Del Rey Set To Publish Critical Role: Vox Machina – Kith & Kin
Critical Role has another book on the way, this time a novel being published by Del Ray called Critical Role: Vox Machina – Kith & Kin The book is being written by the #1 New York Times bestselling author Marieke Nijkamp as this entirely new story separate from the campaign featuring twins Vex'ahlia and Vax'ildan (along with Trinket),[...]
Critical Role Surpasses MST3K Kickstarter Record at $5.79 Million
Whether or not they'll be adding more is unclear at this point. So far that includes two episodes of animated footage for the first story, another eight episodes of animated footage for the "Briarwoods arc", and three special episodes of the show that include Vox Machina vs the Mighty Nein, a Guest Star Battle Royale, and[...]
Critical Role to Bring Back Vox Machina for One Live Event
Critical Role will be bringing back (most of) the crew from Vox Machina for a one-night live show to fulfill a very specific one-shot episode "The Search for Grog" will take place on January 19th, 2018, at the Theatre at Ace Hotel, with tickets being sold between December 15th-16th to attend The show will feature[...]