CWL Pro League Finals: Miami – Day Three: Championships

We're live on Miami Beach this weekend for the Call Of Duty World League Finals with the CWL Pro League playoffs, and we're now on the final day. Here are the full results from the final four games, including the championship round of the CWL Pro League Finals.

CWL Pro League Finals: Miami - Day Three: Championships
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Loser's Bracket Match: Team Reciprocity vs. Gen.G

CWL Pro League Finals: Miami - Day Three: Championships

For the first match, we headed to Seaside for the Hardpoint fight. REC took the lead early on, dominating much of the fight on the point while Gen.G tried to get their act together. Gen.G did manage to tie it up and command the match shortly after. The two sides traded off the lead for much of the match, but Gen.G managed to pull away and secured the victory 250-201. Match two gave us the S&D round on Gridlock. Both sixes traded off victories for a bit with some killer headshots in the process. But Gen.G pulled away from the rinse and repeat for a 6-3 win, going up 2-0 at the half.

Match three took us to Frequency for a Control match. The two sides traded victories at the start, but it was clear Gen.G had their wits about them a little more than REC. REC got a timed victory for their second point of the match, which the crowd didn't seem too thrilled at. But that was enough to boost REC's confidence as they went in and rolled over Gen.G for the last point, winning 3-1 and bringing the overall score to 1-2. Match four took us to the Hacienda for the second Hardpoint match. Both teams went back to trading off leads and feeling each other out, and while REC showed signs of life, they just had nothing for Gen.G's coverage and teamwork on the map. Gen.G took the match 250-157, they move on in the Loser's bracket and REC is done for the day.

Winner: Gen.G (3-1)


Winner's Semifinals: FaZe Clan vs. eUnited

CWL Pro League Finals: Miami - Day Three: Championships

For the first match, we traveled to Gridlock for Hardpoint. If you wanted to see what Call of Duty esports is all about, watch this match. These two traded off the lead so many times they had the crowd in the palm of their hands. It came down to the wire between these two teams, but ultimately, EU pulled out the victory 250-247. Match two took us to Arsenal for the S&D match in which we basically got to watch EU put on a clinic. The team came out of the gate with some incredible shots, including a 3-v-1 reverse win and a double-snipe through a doorway. FaZe put up a fight, however, and scored some clutch wins to tie it up. But it was all for naught as EU won 6-5, taking a 2-0 lead going into the half.

Match three gave us a Control battle on Seaside. The two traded off wins at the start to show off their skills, but EU pulled ahead with a decisive hold while also nearly draining FaZe of all their lives. FaZe came back and tied it up 2-2 to make the match interesting and show they wouldn't go down without a fight. The two battled it out down to the wire with the clock ticking down and 5 lives a piece, but in the end, FaZe was able to hold out and score their first victory to make it 1-2. Match four took us back to Arsenal for the second Hardpoint match. EU shook off the last loss and showed why they came to the dance in the first place, basically owning this map and FaZe in the process. They took the win 250-59, EU moves onto the grand finals and FaZe heads down to the Loser's bracket to stay alive.

Winner: eUnited (3-1)


Loser's Semifinals: FaZe Clan vs. Gen.G

CWL Pro League Finals: Miami - Day Three: Championships

Meeting up for the first time in this tournament, FaZe and Gen.G went to X for the Hardpoint game in match one. Gen.G pretty much picked up where they left off with REC, only this time to FaZe. They dominated the match and cut them off everywhere they could. While FaZe put up a big effort, they were no match this game as Gen.G rolled over them for the win with a score of 250-115. Match two took us to the Hacienda for the S&D round. This one was much more of a back-and-forth battle as the two sides traded victories looking for an opening in the other side. It looked like FaZe was going to take this match, but a trade-off in lives and a quick wrap-around strat from Gen.G got them the advantage and the victory with a 6-5 win. They were up 2-0 going into the half.

We dove into Frequency for the third match as we played the Control round. Both teams traded off victories at the start, which came more down to kill count than progress. FaZe capitalized on the third run by securing the area before running out of lives, but Gen.G returned the favor and denied a ton of potential kills with some crack shots. Gen.G took the final round just decimating the body count and eventually securing the point for the 3-2 win. They sweep FaZe Clan in the Loser's brackets, sending them packing while Gen.G took the long way around to the grand finals.

Winner: Gen.G (3-0)


Grand Finals Championship Rounds: eUnited vs. Gen.G

CWL Pro League Finals: Miami - Day Two Results Part 2

The first match took us to Arsenal for the Hardpoint fight.Gen.G wasted no time in owning the map and cut EU off at every point they could. At a certain point, they were pulling off kills that just made the crowd pop hard. Midway through the match, EU came back and pushed hard against Gen.G and got within a few points of overtaking, but they just couldn't make the comeback as Gen.G took the map 250-208. At the end of the match, EU complained they had lost connection in the match and asked for it to be checked out. This resulted in a restart of the same map and conditions. This replay seemed much more even in the early going, but the results were the same as Gen.G shut down EU and took the map 250-123.

The second match took us to Payload for the S&D round, a map we haven't seen much of in this tournament. This match felt just like the last two we watched, where Gen.G had EU's number and were cutting them off at every opportunity. While there were sparks of life, it didn't matter much as Gen.G took the match 6-3 and were up 2-0 at the half. Match three took us back to Arsenal for the Control round. Both teams fought hard for the victory, trading off wins two times in a row, but Gen.G was able to get the final victory and secure EU's first big loss of the tournament.

Winner Set One: Gen.G (3-0)

Because this is a double-elimination tournament, and you have to lose twice to be thrown out, we headed into one last set of games between these two teams to crown a champion. The first match took us to Seaside for the Hardpoint round. The last game must have lit a fire under the backsides of EU as they rampaged through the map for the first few minutes to gain a massive lead. They dominated most of the match and took the first point with a score of 250-119. Match two took us to the Hacienda for the S&D round. EU started off strong with some heavy kills and taking a quick lead. Gen.G fought back looking to make this interesting and eventually got it up to a 5-5 tie. The last bit was a 2-v-1 affair, and with EU pulling off a defuse with 1 life left. They entered the half up 2-0.

Match three took us to Frequency for the Control fight. Both came out with a fury as Gen.G knew they were on the verge of being eliminated and EU knew they were one away from victory. The first point went to EU, who whittled them down in lives without a capture. The second point saw Gen.G pull out every risky trick they could in order to get some kind of footing, but eUnited managed to capture the points they needed to go up 2-0. The last match was a close one until the end, but EU prevailed for the final point and swept the match and the last series 3-0 for the victory! Contras to eUnited on their win!

CWL Pro League Finals: Miami Championship Winner: eUnited (3-0)

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