EvilGeniuses Shuts Down eUnited with a 3-0 Victory in the CWL Winners Finals

EvilGeniuses Shuts Down eUnited with a 3-0 Victory in the CWL Winners Finals

Coming into this match, both eUnited and EvilGeniuses were pretty confident they could win and go on to the Championship match. Particularly former teammates James "Clayster" Eubanks and Justin "SiLLY" Fargo-Palmer. Neither Clayster nor SiLLY were particularly concerned about going up against old friends, but it seemed Clayster was much more willing to call it a rivalry. Both eUnited and EvilGeniuses saw quite a few changeups to their roster this season, which seemed to work well for both teams up to this stage of the competition.

The match started off tense with EG taking the early lead, but eUnited came back at them fast and hard, leading to one incredibly tense Hardpoint that shifted the lead back and forth quite a few times with some inventive tactics. However, EG did take home the win there. eUnited started off strong with Search and Destroy while EG had quite a bit of catching up to do. They managed to rally enough to make up for eU's four point lead from early on and then go on to secure the win, which was damn impressive to watch.

Moving into Capture the Flag, EG took the early lead, which actually looked like it would be a shut-out match. eUnited recovered, and gave EG hell to come back from the brink of a devastating defeat. However, they didn't manage the win. So EG have moved on to the Championship Finals round.

Speaking with EG's Patrick "Aches" Price after the match, he seemed incredibly excited to see the team do so very, very well.

"First map went well for my teammates, not for me, but we held up. Second map, we really thought we lost it after we blew a couple rounds, we had some good strategies that we didn't execute very well, went down 2-5," however the team was able to rally around and keep calm. That composure led to more organization, and once they had that, by the time eUnited choked, "we knew we had it."

The final map was a surprise, as London Docks for CTF was a map EG hadn't played it yet this weekend. Every other team kept vetoing the map on them, but eUnited decided to take them on, even though, as Aches recalled, "I'm actually surprised they let us have that, because we beat them in scrims on that."

As for the roster change-up drama, well. It seems that really did give EG the edge.

"SiLLY came in super hot, wanting to make them regret dropping him, and the rest of us were getting behind him."

Aches hasn't been this far in a tournament in quite a while, and he does credit the roster changes for that. He'd expected to team to stay tier 4 or tier 6, not make it to the Championship match, but here they are. "We're definitely performing better than we thought we would, and that's an extra boost to confidence to all of us and its increasing our gameplay definitely," which has helped them win so far and will hopefully see them through the Championship match.

As for the next round, Aches seems to think Rise will win against eUnited.

"For us, its all about shutting down Gunless. He's their superstar. We've played them online, we've played them close but I think we can definitely take it considering the advantage we have."

However, Round 8 of the lower bracket is under way and will see if Rise Nation or eUnited will make it to the Championship match.

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