D.VA Gets Her Own Overwatch Cinematic Alongside Busan Map Announcement

Blizzard has released a new animated short based on Overwatch's D.VA and her efforts to defend her city, Busan.


Blizzard usually goes pretty big for Gamescom, bringing all sorts of news across their family of games. While not as massive as BlizzCon's info dump, fans of the mega-developer can certainly expect some interesting things to drop. All eyes were on Cologne to see what exactly we would be getting from Overwatch in particular.

We knew we were in for some Overwatch news today, and thankfully, Blizzard delivered. First up, it released a brand new animated short, which fans always get very excited about. They are the closest thing we get to a story in the game and that goes a long way. The short focuses on fan-favourite D.VA and her fight against the Omnics. This had been alluded to previously in voice-lines, but it is interesting to see D.VA's role in defending her home city of Busan. It's a pretty action-packed little short. Take a look:

More than that, we got a new map announcement and it is indeed for Busan. The South Korean based location is a Control map and seems to have a lot of locations, from traditional serene landscapes, a city and even an anime-style teens-who-drive-robots hangout. I'm not certain how this will all fit together, but I'm certainly interested to find out.

There is no official release date for the Busan map, but it will hit PTR today. There usually is a month or two wait for a map to hit live, so if you don't have access to it, you may have to get a little comfy while you wait. Still, it's great to have the next Overwatch map announced, here's hoping it adds a little something new.


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