Disney Announces Star Wars: Jedi Challenge AR With Lenovo

Jedi Challenge

One of the many announcements to come out of the D23 Expo's games panel was a partnership between Disney and Lenovo to bring you the Star Wars: Jedi Challenge, which is going to be a AR headset that basically lets you go through the same Jedi training as Luke. Does that pose and headgear setup not look at least a bit familiar? No, just me? Cool.

Either way, any game that gives you a lightsaber, an AR headset, and then lets you loose on the world is the kind of game I can get behind. There's a ridiculous amount of wish fulfillment there, so even if the game is nothing but another AR experience cash grab, so many of us will be happy just because we can say that we've done some real Jedi training.

Its the kind of thing us nerds like to brag about, right? You go out to a bar with casual work friends, have a few drinks, and then start talking about your legitimate Jedi training and lightsaber skills. Or is that, again, just me?

We don't know a whole lot about the Jedi Challenge AR headset, except that it is coming soon and seems to include a special lightsaber controller, which actually looks pretty cool but is sadly lacking in the saber portion. Holochess and Lightsaber demos were shown in the brief reveal, though the teaser was mostly just that, a total tease.

Lenovo's YouTube page for the video ad doesn't give us much either:

Star Wars: Jedi Challenges is coming soon for you. This video watch you should. Sign up at www.jedichallenges.com

In any case, here it is:


Updated: A previous version of this article reported that the headset was going to be a VR setup. In fact it is going to be an AR headset as it will use your phone.

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