"Dauntless" Releases The Scorched Earth Update

For those of you looking for more content to play in Dauntless while you're stuck at home, good news, Phoenix Labs added the Scorched Earth update. This one comes with a ton of content, which was thrown into the game last week. Which includes a bunch of weapons balances, quality of life improvements, and a number of bug fixes. But the big addition to Dauntless with this update is the new escalation that ends in you fighting one of the biggest Behemoth characters they've added to the game. Basically, if you weren't busy in this game before, you will be now. You can read some of the notes below for the new additions, or click the link above to read the full notes. Plus, enjoy the trailer showing off the new content at the bottom.

Dauntless Scorched Earth Hero Art
Credit: Phoenix Labs

New Escalation. Scorched Earth has arrived. Our new Escalation brings new amps, new Behemoth variants, and an all-new king of the hill. Ascend to the volcano to face Torgadoro, the biggest Behemoth yet!

Hunt Pass. The new Hunt Pass, Searing Talons, has arrived in Ramsgate. The Blaze Hawks know a thing or two about surviving the fire!

The Vault. Players who complete their Hunt Pass will be able to earn Vault coins, which they can exchange at the Vault to get rewards from previous Hunt Passes.

Move list. The move list has been updated and reworked to show more information about combos, weapon specs, and variants. Access the move list on console from the main menu, or by hitting 'L' on PC.

Daily login cores. Getting your free daily login core from the store will now grant you new rewards. Cores award a small amount of rams, elemental orbs, arcstone, patrol chests, bounty tokens, or tonics. There's even a small chance of receiving Vault coins or an emote!

Tips. Loading screens now have handy tips for you to read while waiting.

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