Dead Cells: The Queen & The Sea DLC Is Coming In Early 2022

Motion Twin revealed their next DLC content coming to Dead Cells as we're getting The Queen & The Sea sometime in early 2022. Hot off the Everyone's Here DLC, this one looks to present a much greater and darker challenge for you as you'll get two new biomes with a twist. One of which won't be the standard-issue level that you're used to playing. Not to mention a totally new epic ending to the game that is supposedly going to be a ton of shock and awe for everyone, unless you can't defeat the all-new alternative final boss simply named The Queen. You can read more from the devs below and check out the trailer as we wait for a release date.

Dead Cells: The Queen & The Sea DLC Is Coming In Early 2022
Credit: Motion Twin

The route that we started so long ago with The Bad Seed and Fatal Falls will be neatly tied off with a slightly unconventional bow. The usual two new biomes will be there, but one of them is definitely not the standard-issue Dead Cells level that you know and love… Of course, there's also a deadly boss waiting for you at the end of the road – no prizes for guessing who that is! Oh, and if you beat them you'll be getting a whole new ending. The two new biomes are called the Infested Shipwreck and the Lighthouse – these will be a parallel to the High Peak Castle and Throne Room levels. Yep, the Hand of the King won't be the only final challenger anymore.

There'll be new weapons & enemies to play with of course, and a new not-so-cuddly pet – we'll be putting out more details on all that as we get closer to release day. The DLC will be $4.99 or equivalent, just like the other two. Charging this helps to support Motion Twin during the development of their next project, as well as continuing free updates of Dead Cells. After the DLC that is exactly what we'll be doing – releasing more free stuff! And we'll continue to do that for at least another year. There's already a good chunk of content planned and being worked on right now with some fresh ideas in play, so you shouldn't be getting bored with us anytime soon

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