December 2021 Events Delayed In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

The December 1920s Convergence Event originally set to begin today in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has been delayed. Niantic originally set out their list of December 2021 events to the game's influencers to share, but have yet to clarify when these events are happening themselves. Bleeding Cool originally reported on that schedule here. Let's take a look at the original schedule and comment on what has changed.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite graphic. Credit: Niantic
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite graphic. Credit: Niantic

Here is the original list of events sent out regarding the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite December 2021 event schedule:

  • December 3rd at 11 AM until December 6th at 11 AM: Bellatrix Lestrange Lethal Adversaries Event

This was the one event that Niantic did confirm. They have also confirmed its delay, launching a Spotlight Event focusing on the Baby Beasts while they prepare a new update to the game. This event ends today.

Now, here is the rest of the schedule which is now likely to all slip, as we should be in both the Horcrux Hunt event and the 1920s Convergence. Neither has begun.

  • DELAYED: December 6th at 11 AM until December 10th at 11 AM: Horcrux Event Part 1. This is described as "The Calamity descends into Darkness, manifesting memories of Voldemort's Horcruxes. Relive the hunt to find and destroy them, but beware those who lurk in the shadows." It seems as if Horcruxes will be Foundables on the map, but the last bit makes me think that we'll have to engage in combat to return them. I can't confirm that as fact, though, as this could simply be fanciful wording. We'll know soon.
  • DELAYED: December 6th at 11 AM until December 13th at 11 AM: 1920s Convergence Event
  • STATUS UNKNOWN: December 10th at 11 AM until December 13th at 11 AM: Voldemort Lethal Adversaries Event. Niantic explicitly writes "Adversaries resembling Dark Lord Voldemort have been sighted all over the world." While this isn't Voldemort as Adversaries are, like Foundables, not the actual occurrence but rather a memory of it, I think it's likely that it will be a far more difficult battle than the already difficult Lethal Adversaries that have been available.
  • STATUS UNKNOWN: December 13th at 11 AM until December 17th at 11 AM: The Battle for Secrecy Brilliant Event Part 1.
  • STATUS UNKNOWN: December 27th at 11 AM until December 31st at 11 AM: The Battle for Secrecy Brilliant Event Part 2.

On the official Harry Potter: Wizards Unite page, Niantic writes:

We are waiting on the release of the 2.20 update to confirm the remainder of the December calendar. We will update this post when that is finalized.

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