Depersonalization Will Come To Early Access In Late December

Gamera Games and MeowNature announced this week that Depersonalization is coming to Steam's Early Access next month. We haven't seen a lot from the game, as the people behind it have been keeping it pretty quiet. Hell, even the name of it has been put in kanji on Steam so that people have a hard time looking it up to see what kind of updates they might have for it. But now we know they are working on releasing an Early Access version of it on December 20th, 2022. You can see a little bit in the trailer below released a short time ago.

Depersonalization Will Come To Early Access In Late December
Credit: Gamera Games

"Depersonalization's expansive RPG gameplay features roguelike elements along with plenty of dice rolls and branching pathways to ensure no chapter in this spooky tale is ever the same. Blending cosmic-horror-inspired characters and narrative devices with gorgeous sprite artwork reminiscent of RPG classics, Depersonalization promises to deliver an engaging and exciting experience. In Depersonalization, players can create their character and explore the world around them, investigating every nook and cranny while moving through the story."

"Characters will have four distinct traits which impact their personality and experiences throughout the game. These attributes will influence the story's direction, allowing players to experience several different scenarios and pathways. Even characters with low attributes may be able to achieve something great on their journey. Publishing Depersonalization is Gamera Games, behind sci-fi smash-hit Dyson Sphere Program and acclaimed murder-mystery Firework. Other notable titles in the expansive Gamera Games library include first-person horror Paranormal HK and sandbox RPG Keplerth."

"Players can create a variety of characters, advance the story through free exploration, investigation, reasoning, selection, and other actions, and finally reach the end. Character attributes will influence the direction of the story, which allows players to experience a more multi-faceted plot. Maybe someone with low attributes is more likely to trigger incredible events. There will be a lot of choices in the story module. Different players can reach various plots and endings. These experiences eventually come together and form a complete story with ups and downs. But it is worth mentioning that you are playing a role, and the character's 'personality' and 'experience' will influence your choices. No matter whether investigation modules, infinite modules, plain text modules, or strange story modules, they will be supported in different modes. Completely break away from the traditional battle template. Flexible options in the battle will allow you to create different worlds of your own."

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