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Depersonalization Has Been Released Into Early Access
Gamera Games and indie developer MeowNature officially released their game Depersonalization into Steam's Early Access The game was teased for a bit as the team was slowly working on this RPG title, but we haven't heard a ton about it as they've kept much of what you'll experience in-game a secret The Early Access version,[...]
Volcano Princess Set For Steam Release This February
Gamera Games revealed that they are aiming to release Volcano Princess on PC via Steam in early February 2023 The game is basically a parenting simulator with a few different genres thrown into the mix as you essentially raise your daughter in a time of magic and epic battles It will be up to you[...]
Depersonalization Will Come To Early Access In Late December
Gamera Games and MeowNature announced this week that Depersonalization is coming to Steam's Early Access next month We haven't seen a lot from the game, as the people behind it have been keeping it pretty quiet Hell, even the name of it has been put in kanji on Steam so that people have a hard[...]
Arto Aims To Be Released On Steam This December
Gamera Games and OrionGames revealed their psychedelic RPG Arto will be aiming for a December release on Steam If you haven't had a chance to check this one out, just take a look at the trailer below, as the game will have you going through different biomes in a broken world, all of which look totally different[...]
Amazing Cultivation Simulator Will Be Released On November 25th
Gamera Games announced today that Amazing Cultivation Simulator will finally be released on Steam on November 25th, 2020 This is one of those oddity releases as the game technically has already been out for over a year as the company chose to release it in Early Access In fact, we're kind of confused as to[...]