Destiny 2 Adds Bounties Back into the Game Alongside Other Improvements in New Patch

Bungie has a major new patch out today that brings bounties back to Destiny 2 with a bunch of other new additions including Prestige Raid Lairs and Iron Banner changes.

destiny 2 expansion

Destiny 2 is in an odd spot right now. The game is coming off a rough couple months of player feedback after launch and two DLCs that have been somewhat disappointing, while also making significant improvements and additions to the game through great patches. Right now, until the Forsaken expansion hits, everyone is in somewhat of a holding pattern.

That doesn't mean new things aren't coming to the game… alongside some old new things. In a new patch coming today, bounties from Destiny 1 are coming back. This will allow players to go out and take on small little challenges, such as using abilities and killing certain types of enemies for rewards. These won't revolutionise progression, but it's good to have a nice little incentive to play a little different and pick up some easy extra goods on your adventures.

On top of that, prestige Raid Lairs are becoming available that will rotate challenges each week for the player base. They are described as:

  • Each week, there is a curated weapon suite and a global activity modifier for Spire of Stars and Eater of Worlds Prestige. The weapon set and modifier will be the same across both activities.
  • Prestige raid lairs will drop weapons at 400 Power and Exotic catalysts.
  • Raid armor ornaments will become unlockable.

Iron Banner is seeing a nice little aesthetic rework too, with stuff like flags being replaced with Iron Lord fire pits and wolf sounds when you do certain good things in a game.

On top of all of this, Moments of Triumph are coming back at the end of the month with the Solstice of Heroes event. From July 31st, players will be able to cash bounties in for all of their achievements in Destiny 2. This will make sure players have been able to see everything Destiny 2 has to offer before it expands into Forsaken.

You can read the full patch notes here. You can also see a lot of these changes in this July update video:

It's great to see the game getting these updates and it looks like there will be plenty of reason to hop back into the game before Destiny 2: Forsaken lands if you want to get everything done in the game. Also, it's nice to see bounties back.