Details Leaked About Valve's Next Steam Sale

Valve just finished up their most recent holiday sale on Steam, and usually, when the company finished up one of these events, they tend to take it easy for a minute before throwing another one. Apparently, that's not the case this time around as the rogue Twitter account Steam Database leaked some new information about the next sale that will take place in February.

Steam, of course, hasn't confirmed this at all, so we're basically running off the idea that these guys are telling the truth. But the account is pretty reliable when it comes to throwing out tidbits of news, so we'll take their word on it for now. Because it isn't confirmed there are no details as to what kind of items will be on sale, how much of a discount games will get, and whether or not this will affect any on-going sales that are currently happening with games. If it is true, expect an announcement about it within the next week or so.

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