Dice Legacy Receives A New Game Mode Totally Free

Ravenscourt revealed that they have released a brand new mode for Dice Legacy, totally free to pick up when you update the game. The game has been rolling with a pretty good following as players fight to survive as a society in this roguelike survival city-builder where dice aid you in everything that you do. The latest content, which is currently live for PC players and will be coming out soon for Switch players, adds a new breath of content once you make it past the first winter season in the game. Totally taking you in a different direction depending on how you managed to build and survive. Developer DESTINYbit released a video with the dev team going over the update, which you can check out below.

Dice Legacy Receives A New Game Mode Totally Free
Credit: Ravenscourt
A new game mode for Dice Legacy: Forging a Realm is available today as a free update for all PC players. This is the second major free update for Dice Legacy. Forging a Realm will offer a very different experience from the regular Dice Legacy mode, which has now been re-named as Escaping Fate. Forging a Realm unlocks after players get through their first winter and is available to all players who have managed to complete the game at least once. Playing the role of a young king on a newly-inhabited ring, people are looking to you for guidance, but they don't trust you – yet. This needs to be earned by fulfilling their increasingly difficult demands; failure is not an option.
  • Economically-centric Dice Legacy experience aimed at increasing the variety of play.
  • New randomly generated map with parameters built specifically for this mode.
  • Increasingly more difficult demands you need to solve to win the game.
  • Five difficulty levels accommodating either a relaxed or more frantic experience.
  • Ability to alter your experience with memories after completing the new mode.

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