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Road 96: Mile 0 Prequel Game Announced For This Spring
DigixArt and Ravenscourt announced they have a prequel to Road 96 coming this April as they presented Road 96: Mile 0 The game will explore one of the main characters from the original title while also including a character from another title fans may be familiar with, as their friendship heads off on a new[...]
Let’s Sing 2023 Releases Full Playable Track List
Ravenscourt and developer Voxler has released the full set of songs and more for their upcoming game Let's Sing 2023 We have the entire list of songs for you below, along with all of the modes and features they're intending to include in this karaoke title You can check it all out below as the[...]
Auto Draft
Indie developer Vile Monarch and publisher Ravenscourt announced their latest game Floodland during Gamescom 2022 with a new trailer The game tackles the possible reality of climate change as the planet has been destroyed by overflooding It is now up to you and those who work alongside you to rebuild as best you can with[...]
Dice Legacy Will Receive New Corrupted Fates DLC Next Week
Ravenscourt revealed this past week that they are set to release some new DLC for Dice Legacy as we'll be getting into Corrupted Fates The new content will be released on PC and Nintendo Switch on April 19th, and with it will come some cool additions to spice up the game a bit This includes[...]
Road 96 Will Finally Come To Consoles This April
Ravenscourt revealed they now have a new console release date for Road 96 as the game will make its way to both PlayStation and Xbox Today the team confirmed that the game will officially be released for both current and previous gen models on April 14th, 2022 This will be the complete version of the[...]
Road 96 Will Finally Come To Consoles This April
Ravenscourt and DigixArt announced today that Road 96 will finally be coming to PlayStation and Xbox consoles this April The game previously received a ton of praise when it was first released on PC for its innovative storytelling, as you have to navigate an ever-evolving story-driven adventure tied to survival mechanics If you've never played[...]
Dice Legacy Receives A New Game Mode Totally Free
Ravenscourt revealed that they have released a brand new mode for Dice Legacy, totally free to pick up when you update the game The game has been rolling with a pretty good following as players fight to survive as a society in this roguelike survival city-builder where dice aid you in everything that you do[...]
Dice Legacy Is Set For Release This September
Ravenscourt and DestinyBit revealed this week during PAX Online East that they're going to release Dice Legacy onto PC this September If you haven't checked out the game yet, this is a dice-based survival city builder that has been placed on a mysterious ringworld RNG will be your constant companion as you will roll to[...]
ProtoCorgi Will Launch On PC & Nintendo Switch On August 27th
Indie developer Kemono Games and publisher Ravenscourt revealed ProtoCorgi will release on August 26th for PC and Nintendo Switch This is one of those super-fun-but-wholesome games where you play as a robotic pup who has taken on the task of saving his owner, a brilliant scientist kidnapped by an alien race who wants to rule[...]
Koch Media Gives Siege Survival: Gloria Victis A Release Date
Ravenscourt and developer Black Eye Games revealed they have set a release date for Siege Survival: Gloria Victis The strategy RPG title will have you in the middle of a medieval city under siege with a small group of civilians keeping things together as you'll deal with resource management, crafting supplies, maintaining a camp, and[...]
Let’s Sing 2021 Reveals The Game's Full Tracklist
Ravenscourt and Voxler revealed the entire song tracklist to their upcoming karaoke favorite Let's Sing 2021 The game has become an indie favorite, especially on Twitch where streamers have been singing their hardest for fans who love to see them attempt to get the best score possible by matching the vocals Hopefully, without any copyright[...]