Did Treyarch Tease The Return Of Tombstone Soda To Call Of Duty?

One of the last things Treyarch decided to leave us with headed into 2021 was a possible teaser for an old Call Of Duty item. For longtime fans, Tombstone Soda is a source of fond memories as it is a fake cola inside the game. Specifically a part of Black Ops 2 and 3. The item in the game was more or less a Get Out Of Jail Free card for players who were downed, as you could drink it on the ground and die without being revived by another player, only to come back and get some bonus items if they were able to get back to their body where the can is. It's a one-off perk that cost a pretty penny in the game, but so worth it to get yourself back to your teammates rather than bleeding out, and possibly get some needed gear in the process.

We could go for a cold 24-pack of them, right now, in the real world. Courtesy of Treyarch.
We could go for a cold 24-pack of them, right now, in the real world. Courtesy of Treyarch.

The soda vanished in Black Ops 4, which some people were unhappy with but it seemed like they were making a natural progression away from perks of the past to do stuff with more present content. That is, until today, when Treyarch sent out this tweet, showing off the can you see above. If we're not mistaken, that looks like a fresh can of Tombstone Soda, sitting on a desk in a room for Black Ops Cold War. If the item actually did return to Call Of Duty, especially if it were dropped into Warzone, it would be amazing. Do you know what else would be amazing? Seeing them make an actual soda for the brand as a limited-time thing. Considering the relationship PepsiCo has with Activision, there has to be some recipe that the company isn't using that they could brand for a short time.

When you get around to making it, Pepsi, you can thank us for the idea with a steady supply!

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