Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Special Anniversary Set EX06 Checklist

Since I've begun collecting Dragon Ball Super Card Game cards, I haven't been able to find a simple checklist for each set… so I figured Bleeding Cool would be the exact right place to host one now that we're covering this exciting hobby. Here is the complete checklist for Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Special Anniversary Set.

Dragon Ball Super Card Game logo. Credit: Bandai
Dragon Ball Super Card Game logo. Credit: Bandai

Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Special Anniversary Set is considered the third "Expansion Set," which are usually small selections of cards not worthy of their own checklist. However, certain Expansion Sets are larger and essentially become their own collectible set. This set is designated the code EX06. It includes cards numbered up to EX06-36. Note that all cards in this set are considered "Expansion Rares" regardless of the style of the card. When purchasing the box that includes this complete set, you will find reprint cards in addition to the new EX06 branded cards. This checklist will only include the cards officially part of EX06.

  • Trunks, Surge of Energy EX06-01
  • Vegito, Polymorphic Potara EX06-02
  • Almighty Technique Vados EX06-03
  • Hit, Spacetime Transcended EX06-04
  • Innocence Cannon Majin Buu EX06-05
  • General Rilldo, Leader of Planet M-2 EX06-06
  • Mutant Genesis EX06-07
  • Son Goku, Path to the Infinite EX06-08
  • Vegeta, Energy Absorber EX06-09
  • Trunks, Hope Renewed EX06-10
  • Whis, Destruction's Aid EX06-11
  • Goku Black, Countdown to Destruction EX06-12
  • Fused Zamasu, Fusion Refined EX06-13
  • Plan for Destruction EX06-14
  • Son Goku, in Close Quarters EX06-15
  • Son Gohan, Display of Strength EX06-16
  • Krillin, Calling for Help EX06-17
  • Paragus, Quelling the Beast EX06-18
  • Android 13, the Brilliant EX06-19
  • Android Troop – 14 & 15 EX06-20
  • Blazing Technique EX06-21
  • Bardock, the Enlightened EX06-22
  • Son Goku, Unbreakable Will EX06-23
  • Frieza, Malicious Streak EX06-24
  • Ginyu, Helix Strike EX06-25
  • Meta-Cooler Core, Ultimate Form EX06-26
  • Swift Retaliation Cooler EX06-27
  • Malevolent Revenge EX06-28
  • Towa // Towa, Chaosbringer EX06-29
  • Bardock, Awakened Instincts EX06-30
  • Supreme Kai of Time, Time Disruptor EX06-31
  • Demigra, Over Realm Unleashed EX06-32
  • Mira, Self Reformation EX06-33
  • Masked Saiyan, Beguiled Warrior EX06-34
  • Fu, the Dark Banisher EX06-35
  • A Crack in Spacetime EX06-36

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