Dragon Ball Super Previews Saiyan Showdown: Kaio-Ken Goku & Broly

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game has begun to preview the cards from the next official expansion. The November 2021 set will be the fifteenth main set and the sixth expansion under the Unison Warrior Series banner. The set will be called Saiyan Showdown (with its full name being Unison Warrior Series BOOST – Saiyan Showdown) and will document some of the anime and manga's best Saiyan vs. Saiyan battles. Focuses of the set include Goku vs. Vegeta from the Saiyan Saga, Gohan vs. Turles from the Dragon Ball Z film Tree of Might, Goku and his sons vs. Broly from the film Broly: Second Coming, and, finally, the Universe 6 Saiyans. As the Dragon Ball Super Card Game shows off the cards from this upcoming expansion, Bleeding Cool will offer a look into the cards from a collector's perspective.

Saiyan Showdown cards. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game
Saiyan Showdown cards. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game

Interestingly, the Broly card here, which features Broly shifting into his Super Saiyan form while dormant, looks like a continuation of the "Dormant Legend" Broly card seen sleeping in his base form that will appear in the Mythic Booster. (The Mythic Booster is a set comprised entirely of reprint cards with alternate art that will be released the same month as Saiyan Showdown.) This card seems to be recreating the moment from the Dragon Ball Z movie Second Coming when Goten's cries wake up Broly, who is frozen in the ice below. The Goku card depicts the Saiyan protagonist using his Kaio-Ken technique against an unseen foe. Those who have been following the releases and peeks at Saiyan Showdown know that the foe in question is Sayan Saga Vegeta, who will be the primary focus of the yellow cards in this expansion.

Stay tuned for more previews of Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Unison Warrior Series BOOST – Saiyan Showdown. When the set releases in November 2021, Bleeding Cool readers can expect openings and product reviews as well.

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