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Dragon Quest Tact Launches New Event With Dragon Quest V

Square Enix has launched a new collaboration event in Dragon Quest Tact as the team goes all the way back to Dragon Quest V. Running from now until August 5th, you can join in with the Hand of the Heavenly Bride themed event as you can pick up special rewards centered around the classic game. This includes new characters, unique icons, event-themed equipment, and more to find. We have a rundown of everything in the game from this event for you below.

Hand of the Heavenly Bride makes an appearance in the mobile game. Courtesy of Square Enix.
Hand of the Heavenly Bride makes an appearance in the mobile game. Courtesy of Square Enix.
  • New Heroes and Monsters to Scout – Now through August 5, players can recruit and command brand-new hero characters in battle alongside their monsters, including the three potential brides from Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride: S-Rank Bianca, S-Rank Nera and S-Rank Debora and the monster A-Rank Snowbird.
  • Dragon Quest Tact Event Quests (Chapters 1 to 5) – Players can embark on themed quests to earn Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride medals, which can be exchanged for a variety of exciting items. Players can collect special rewards, including the S-Rank equipment Grandmaster Dagger, the A-Rank monster Kon and more.
  • Knightmare Tower Event Quest – This unique event will recreate the battle against Kon the Knight in Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride. Players can tackle this battle at three difficulty levels to earn various rewards, including the brand-new Phoenix and Flamethrower monsters and event-exclusive items like the Legendary Monster Trainer Majellan Icon, EX Kon Icon, Faerie Foil and more. The Knightmare Tower also allows players to earn more EXP than other event quests.
  • Talon Tower Event Quest – Players can fight through a tower consisting of 30 levels to reach the boss Slon the Rook from Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride. Players can earn event-exclusive icons such as the Zenithian Bride Mindini Icon and EX Slon Icon. In addition, fans can also recruit Slon and other brand-new monsters such as Mandrake Marauder and Blizzybody. The Talon Tower also allows players to earn more gold than other event quests.
  • Dragon Quest V Boss Battles – Players can challenge the infamous Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride bosses, including archfiends Nimzo and Grandmaster Nimzo, and can earn exclusive themed medals and rewards, such as the event-exclusive equipment S-Rank Grandmaster Dagger and the Grandmaster Nimzo Icon.
  • Dragon Quest V Battle Roads – By completing the limited-time exclusive Kon Road, players will earn the Zapple Scroll, imbuing a character of your choice with the Zapple ability.
  • Mega Boss Battle: Bjorn the Behemoose – In this brand-new event players will face off in an epic battle against Bjorn the Behemoose, who is much larger than the typical bosses players have fought against up till now. In order to challenge this boss, players must first collect Dragon Quest V Bjorn the Behemoose Keys from event missions. Should players fail to defeat the boss in one try, any damage inflicted on Bjorn the Behemoose will carry over to subsequent attempts to defeat him. Players who manage to defeat this boss may receive various rewards, including the event-exclusive S-Rank equipment Princess's Robe, Iridescent Orbs, Rank Up Stones and more.
  • Event Login Bonus – By simply logging in daily, players will obtain a variety of exciting rewards, including Gems, SP Scout Vouchers and more.
  • Event Missions – Players can earn exclusive rewards by completing limited-time event missions, including Beast Fragments, the Mandrake Marauder monster and more.

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