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Dragon Quest Tact Launches New Event With Dragon Quest V
Square Enix has launched a new collaboration event in Dragon Quest Tact as the team goes all the way back to Dragon Quest V Running from now until August 5th, you can join in with the Hand of the Heavenly Bride themed event as you can pick up special rewards centered around the classic game[...]
Multiple Dragon Quest Games Announced Including Dragon Quest XII
Square Enix dropped a bunch of new announcements revolving around Dragon Quest during a special livestream this evening As part of the game's 35th Anniversary, we got a look at a number of different items on the way, including the reveal that Dragon Quest XII is in the works We also saw they're doing a[...]
Square Enix Opens Pre-Registration For Dragon Quest Tact Closed Beta
Square Enix has launched a brand new event in Dragon Quest Tact as they will be collaborating with the classic JRPG, Dragon Quest III This particular event is called The Seeds of Salvation  and will have you diving into limited-time special quests and events in an effort to collect unique rewards You'll also have a[...]
Dragon Quest The Adventure Of Dai: A Hero's Bonds Announced
Square Enix has announced a new mobile title this morning called Dragon Quest The Adventure Of Dai: A Hero's Bonds If you're not entirely familiar with this end of the franchise, it is based on an anime that ran during the '90s and you can now watch on a couple of streaming services, as indicated[...]
Dragon Quest: The Legend of Dai Nendoroids Arrive At Good Smile
It is time to go on a new adventure as the legendary Shonen Jump comic turn anime Dragon Quest: The Legend of Dai comes to life Good Smile Company has unveiled two new Nendoroid figures that are on the way from the hit series with our hero Dai and Popp Both figures are highly detailed,[...]
Dragon Quest Tact Launches The Slime Fest Event
Square Enix will be launching a new event into Dragon Quest Tact as players will be able to experience the Slime Festival From now until March 24th, the game will be bringing you various limited-time events and promotions for you to engage in, all centered around the cute but deadly creatures in the game The[...]
Dragon Quest Of The Stars Celebrates It's One Year Anniversary
Dragon Quest Of The Stars is celebrating its one-year anniversary with some brand new content added to the game this week The game has added a ton of exciting new features and special in-game promotions that will keep you busy for a while This includes several celebratory rewards and special limited-time events, including a new[...]
Square Enix Opens Pre-Registration For Dragon Quest Tact Closed Beta
Square Enix has officially opened up pre-registration for Dragon Quest Tact, but so far it's only for iOS devices The game is set to be released on both iOS and Android on January 27th in the west after becoming a smash mobile hit in Japan over the course of 2020 The game takes the classic[...]
Square Enix Shows Development Of Dragon Quest XI S: Definitive Edition
Square Enix released a new blog showing off a behind-the-scenes making of Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition One of the additions to the Definitive Edition that the company boasted about and old-school gamers will enjoy is the ability to play the game in both the original 3D version[...]
Square Enix Releases Demo For Dragon Quest XI S On PC, Xbox, & PS4
Good news for PS4, Xbox One, and PC players as Square Enix has released a demo of Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age for you The game has already been out for over a year on the Nintendo Switch, bringing players the original game as well as bonus content that originally released[...]
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Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnoia and Dragon Quest Of The Stars will hold a crossover event on both games starting today Starting right now and running all the way through November 10th, you can experience the event on both games, but we'd say the better experience is on DQOTS You can see the complete list[...]
Square Enix Opens Pre-Registration For Dragon Quest Tact Closed Beta
Square Enix revealed today that they have opened up pre-registration for people to play the closed beta for Dragon Quest Tact The game has already been released in Japan as a mobile title, as players encounter some of their favorite monsters and bosses in a tactical strategy game Now the company is looking to bring[...]
New Dragon Quest XI S Definitive Edition Trailer Out Now
Square Enix just debuted a new trailer for Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition during its special TGS2020 Online presentation The latest trailer explores some of the newest features players can expect from the new version of the game The game will, of course, once more follow the hero[...]
“Dragon Quest XI” The Luminary Has Arrived from Good Smile
The Luminary from Dragon Quest XI has arrived and is ready for a new adventure This figure is just calling out to Dragon Quest fans with adorable detail, accessories, and mini slime friend Two face plates are included, one showing a smiling expression and the other a standard face emotion His accessories are pretty great[...]
Nintendo Releases "Dragon Quest" Hero Into "Smash Bros." Today
A new interview reveals that it was more of a challenge to add the Dragon Quest Hero to Super Smash Bros Ultimate than we thought In an interview with Nintendo Dream, both Dragon Quest XI producer Hokuto Okamoto and director Takeshi Uchikawa were asked about the character's inclusion into the Smash series Turns out, it[...]