Dying Light Players Can Now Add a Gun Silencer to Their Arsenal

Techland continues to support Dying Light with free content drops, now with a new item, the gun silencer.

The developer announced the attachment in a new video. It can be put on both German and American 9mm guns and opens up a bunch of Stealth options for the game. No longer will your pistol shots attract zombies to you, which is a surprisingly handy little new thing. Techland says that this comes directly from a suggestion on the community forums and that they are still looking for more suggestions to beef up their 'year of free content'. Take a look:

The support Dying Light has seen post-launch is pretty stellar. I'm still writing about it nearly three years after release, and for a single-player-focused game, that doesn't happen all that often. While I'm sure we will hear about new projects from the developer before too long, it's great to see them dropping new content so regularly.