Electronic Arts Promotes New Apex Legends Tournaments

As part of their new Stay Home, Play Together initiative, Electronic Arts have started promoting new Apex Legends online tournaments. Basically, the company launched the new initiative to help keep people connected through these weird times as we deal with the self-quarantine measures from the coronavirus. Over the past couple weeks, they've held small events in Madden NFL 20 and The Sims 4 so that people can occupy their time and reach out to others, as well as engage in some friendly competition. In that spirit, they've set up several Apex Legends tournaments for online competitions that anyone can enter. Here are some of the details they released on their website.

Electronic Arts wants you to Stay Home and Play Together as we deal with the coronavirus.
Electronic Arts wants you to Stay Home and Play Together as we deal with the coronavirus.

"As the global coronavirus situation evolves, we want to help the world find more ways to connect in play during a time where we need to be physically apart. As hard as this situation has been, we continue to be inspired by the camaraderie and support we see every day in Apex Legends. And EA is committed to creating the best platform possible for our fans to stay home, stay safe, and still find connection and joy together. As part of a broader "Stay & Play" initiative, the ALGS team is continuing to shift our events away from physical tournaments to Online Tournaments where players will compete for USD $100K in cash per tournament in addition to ALGS points. We're also adding more broadcast coverage of our upcoming Online Tournaments so you can watch with friends online, from the comfort of your home. We're so proud of how this community has rallied together and we hope everyone continues to enjoy the ALGS as we adapt our format to meet these difficult times."

You can check out the link above to get a full list of tournaments and when they'll be happening. All things considered, it's pretty sweet the company is offering up $100k just for playing what is already a free title. Especially when people need money to support themselves. Take advantage of it while you can and you might just nab some extra cash for being good at the game.

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