Epic Games Removing Exploit that Allowed Players to Unintentionally Create a Swastika

Epic Games has responded swiftly to an image that showed it was possible for an unintentional swastika to show up when building in the game, saying a fix is being worked on immediately.

credit//Epic Games

Fortnite is the biggest thing the world now. There aren't many, if any entertainment properties with as much prevalence at the moment. People from all walks of life play the game, and the title's huge effort to allow cross-platform play and be ported onto everything has put the title in the hands of just about anyone. For free.

With that many eyes on the game, it comes with a certain level of scrutiny. That's why when a post on Reddit turned up saying it was possible for the game to create a swastika, it required swift action.

Reddit user EuBestCityEu posted a photo of how it was possible, which they accidentally stumbled on when trying to create a dance floor. The symbol can be reproduced by placing four metal floors down and then crafting them into a circle. The patterns on the pieces will then line up with unfortunate effect. Epic has now spoken about it and this of course, was unintentional. Responding to the thread, Epic Games said:

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This was unintended and will be addressed ASAP by adjusting the metal piece art!

These things must be frustrating for the development team. The sheer amount of variety and different ways assets interact with each other, things like this are bound to happen. Still, it's good to see swift action being taken to right the issue.