eUnited Shut Out Ghost Gaming to Advance to the CWL Seattle Finals

eUnited Shut Out Ghost Gaming to Advance to the CWL Seattle Finals

The fight between eUnited and Ghost Gaming started out close, but after winning the Hardpoint map with nearly 25 points of lead, eUnited cleaned up in the next two matches, taking the win 3-0. Which means, we will be getting that eUnited, EvilGeniuses showdown for the final round of the winner's bracket.

Got a chance to speak with eUnited's James "Clayster" Eubanks after the match. With a win like eUnited just had, of course Clayster was pretty damn confident, even a bit dismissive of his opponents. "The team we were playing is not really – I mean, not to discredit them, they obviously made it to the winners semi-finals – but I don't think they really deserved to be there. They're not really that good so it was kind of expected. I knew if we won that second map, the Search and Destroy, we were going to 3-0 'em."

That said, Ghost Gaming clearly did their homework. At the start of Search and Destroy, which is not eUnited's best map, Ghost had the lead at 3-0. "It was obvious they'd watched our matches and knew what we were doing." But eU threw in a trick or two and managed to secure the win.

While Clayster is looking forward to the next match against EvilGeniuses, because "there's kind of a rivalry going" there, he isn't worried about it at all. Though, with former eU player SiLLY on  EG the teams all keeping a close eye on their matches, he does think they might have to pull out some new tricks in the next round. "We've still got some maps up our sleeves," and new strats, but "they're things we haven't really practiced a ton, so if we haven't practiced them they might not work, so we'll just stick to what we normally do and every now and again throw something in there that we've kind of come up with to see if it works."

He did say the next round will be the most difficult match of the tournament for eUnited, which certainly bodes well for spectators.

Not that there wasn't a whole lot of screaming and cheering during the eUnited and Ghost Gaming match. The audience was clearly rooting for eU and I'm rather certain my ears will take a bit to recover.

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