Everything Pokémon GO Players Need To Know About Spiritomb

Part of the fun of the main series Pokémon games is the lore of each species, which Pokémon GO recreates with short descriptions in their Pokédex entries. However, looking into the roles these Pokémon play in other games, and even the anime, can enrich the experience of catching these creatures in Niantic's mobile game. In honor of Spiritomb's Shiny release in the current Halloween 2020 event, let's take a deep dive into this Forbidden Pokémon's lore.

Spiritomb promotional image in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Spiritomb promotional image in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

Dex entry number 442, Spiritomb is a dual Ghost/Dark-type species from the Sinnoh Region, introduced into the world of Pokémon with Generation Four. This Pokémon can be encountered as either male or female. Referred to as the "Forbidden Pokémon," this is what Spiritomb's Dex entry says:

It was bound to a fissure in an odd keystone as punishment for mideeds 500 years ago.

In the original game series, this Forbidden Pokémon can be encountered in the Hallowed Tower on Route 209 in the Sinnoh Region in Diamond & Pearl.

For fans of the anime, Spiritomb prominently in only one episode, The Keystone Pops!, in which Ash's Buizel accidentally topples the previously referenced Hallowed Tower, unleashing Spiritomb on the world. Maybe I'll make Buizel my Buddy because these Spiritomb tasks at Pokéstops aren't the easiest to find in Pokémon GO at the moment.

Other Pokédex entries offer new information about Spiritomb:

  • Diamond: A Pokémon that was formed by 108 spirits. It is bound to a fissure in an Odd Keystone.
  • Black/White: Its constant mischief and misdeeds resulted in it being bound to an Odd Keystone by a mysterious spell.
  • Sword: Exactly 108 spirits gathered to become this Pokémon. Apparently, there are some ill-natured spirits in the mix.
  • Shield: All Spiritomb's mischief and misdeeds compelled a traveler to use a mysterious spell to bind Spiritomb to an odd keystone.

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