Eville Releases A New Trailer Going Over Shops & Items

VestGames has a new trailer out this morning for their upcoming game Eville, this time going over the shops and items within. Every town has shops, and those shops can help you out when protecting yourself and finding the culprits who are trying to kill you every night. So the trailer we have for you below, along with some info on each one from the devs, will give you the rundown of what's available to you and how you can make sure you stay protected at night. Or at the very least, how you can get revenge on people after you've died.

When protecting yourself, clear the shop! Courtesy of VestGames.
When protecting yourself, clear the shop! Courtesy of VestGames.
  • Holle the Magical Goods Merchant: This top-hatted traveling salesman has everything you need to stay safe at night, including tripwires for tangling up nighttime home invaders, a Tome of Death that allows players to check a dead body and see if they were a good guy or a bad guy, and fireworks — for celebrations.
  • Anna of the Travelling Tavern: This local lass helps keep players healthy and well-fed with a steady supply of medieval delicacies like apples and ham.
  • Bloomer The Herb Vendor: No, not that kind of "herb vendor"; Bloomer has all the ingredients needed for crafting that, while they can be found around the village, are simply so much easier to just buy instead of doing all that work.
  • The Herb Witch: Don't die in a medieval DIY at-home elixer explosion. Go to the Herb Witch to safely craft antidotes, poisons, and protective potions!
  • Motzi the Smith: A master of metal, Motzi can create armored boots for safely traversing traps and locks and keys to ensure a peaceful night's rest isn't interrupted by axe-wielding marauders.
  • Jasmine, the Black Market Operator: Not every shop in Eville is above board — or above ground at all, actually. For players that find themselves creeping around the mysterious tunnels underneath town, Jasmine offers all kinds of useful items for the aspiring serial killers, like lockpicks, trap-proof boots, and smoke-bombs

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