What To Expect In The Beta Of Lawbreakers


The first closed beta test for Cliff Blezsinski's upcoming FPS LawBreakers began this week. Players who were part of the Alpha test will find several changes in content including new roles, new maps, and in-game achievements. But what else is new?

The mentioned roles are Battle Medic, Juggernaut, and Gunslinger which gives you some nice variation in playable classes. The new maps Mammoth and Station give you some variation in setting, and the in-game achievements give you that nice extra hit of dopamine to keep you invested. Oh, did you not want me to mention the fact that achievements train your brain the same way most addictions do? Fine. I'll just go back to the patch notes.

Players are also getting:

  • A new party and team voice chat powered by Discord
  • Balance updates on original roles and game modes
  • An updated HUD and UI menus
  • Tutorial videos added to those menus
  • Stash boxes
  • A more robust settings menu
  • An enhanced scoring events system
  • Healthbars and optional damage numbers
  • Optional alternative hit impact sounds
  • Skill-based matchmaking – which is still a work in progress
  • Auto-balance between matches
  • Reduced warm up time to 15 seconds
  • Health pickups
  • The game will auto-import your Steam friends who are part of the beta
  • Improved profile, player stats, and match history
  • Improved netcode
  • Performance and loading time optimization
  • First pass gamepad support
  • Oh, and light cosmetic customization which won't transfer to future betas or the game's full release but does provide a glimpse into customization that we'll see in the future.

And of course, the usual bug fixes. If you want to see the whole list of every bug that will be fixed in the game, knock yourself out.

A game's Alpha build is always kind of sketchy and things get added slowly over Beta tests, but this is a ton of updates for the first round of the closed beta. If you want in on the action, you can still sign up to join up for future beta tests here.

The latest screenshots showing off the new classes are below.

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