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Exquisite Exandria: The Official Cookbook Of Critical Role Revealed

Critical Role fans can now head to the kitchen with a glossary of recipes from the series, as they will be releasing a cookbook.

Random House Worlds, a division of Penguin Random House, revealed Exquisite Exandria: The Official Cookbook Of Critical Role this morning. As you might imagine, the book is filled with a full range of recipes either created within the long-running D&D livestream itself through all three campaigns and their various spinoffs. As well as a series of dishes that have been inspired by the characters, places, and other creations from the show. The book will feature 60 delicious recipes that fans will recognize and get a kick out of, with contributions from all eight members of the cast (Matthew Mercer, Ashley Johnson, Marisha Ray, Taliesin Jaffe, Travis Willingham, Sam Riegel, Laura Bailey, and Liam O'Brien), as well as recipes from Liz Marsham, Jesse Szewczyk, Susan Vu, Amanda Yee, and a forward from Quyen Tran and Sam Riegel. We have more info on the book below, as it will be released to the public on August 29th.

Exquisite Exandria: The Official Cookbook Of Critical Role Revealed
Credit: Random House Worlds

"Start in Tal'Dorei, where you can nab a trio of pastries from the Slayer's Cake, a staple of Whitestone's patisserie scene. Journey next to the birthplace of civilization, Issylra, and devour some absolutely divine Highsummer Honey Polenta. Travel to Marquet and explore Jrusar's Core Spire while enjoying some street meat. And finally, end in Wildemount, where you can unwind with a famous Ruby of the Sea Cocktail. The recipes from these diverse dives are accompanied by the histories of each land—and stories of iconic culinary capers by Vox Machina, the Mighty Nein, Bells Hells, and more. Enjoy Percival de Rolo's Revenge Pasta, stuffed with enough garlic to ward off even the strongest vampires, and blackberry and lemon hand pies inspired by Scanlan's favorite spell."

"Prepare for battle with Jester's Sweet Feast, a platter of pastries made complete with a dash of cinnamon and a covert sprinkle of the Dust of Deliciousness. And as the night comes to a close, settle down with Lord Eshteross's Maple Ginger Cookies. With a foreword by Quyen Tran and Sam Riegel, gorgeous illustrations and photography to accompany mouthwatering recipes, and lore from each corner of Exandria, this is a must-have cookbook for every Critical Role fan."

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