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Critical Role Is Getting Their Own Cookbook Next Summer
Random House Worlds, a part of the vast Penguin Random House tree, announced that they will be publishing a Critical Role cookbook Officially the book is called Exquisite Exandria: The Official Cookbook of Critical Role, which has been put together by Liz Marsham, along with contributors Jesse Szewczyk, Susan Vu, and Amanda Yee, with a[...]
Cook Up Some Delcious Stuff With A Bee And Puppycat Cookbook
More good news has arrived for all, as VIZ Media's Perfect Square imprint announces Easy Eats: A Bee And Puppycat Cookbook. Created by American cartoonist and writer Natasha Allegri, Bee and PuppyCat depicts the intergalactic, temp-job escapades of twenty-something, chronically-unemployed Bee and her supernatural companion, PuppyCat The series was produced by Frederator Studios and is widely[...]
The Apocalypse Never Tasted So Good: The Snacking Dead Is Coming…
By Hannah Means-Shannon It's coming soon, in fact just in time to be useful for Halloween on October 29th 2013, the cookbook no one has been waiting for but that quite a few people will probably get a real kick out of it It's The Snacking Dead: A Parody in a Cookbook inspired by elements[...]