What FFXV's Cup Noodle Hat Says About Us


Final Fantasy XV's Noctis is geting a Cup Noodle hat in Japan, whether or not the item will be released in the western versions of the game is yet to be seen. However, I find its existence particularly telling about us all as a gaming community.

Not only is this a hilariously obvious marketing ploy, but it's a damn sight better than some. Back in 2011, Bethesda ran a campaign for people to name their children Dovahkiin, which one couple actually did. And it avoids any actual animal cruelty press since Cup Noodles aren't real food, sadly, Sony failed at that with God of War 3's launch which included an actual goat sacrifice.

The sad fact is, we've brought this on ourselves. Originally the hat started as a joke in a parody trailer for the game, which was hysterical. But Square Enix and Nissin have seen our bluff and called it. We are getting that hat.

Siliconera reports that the announcement came from Nissin's own website, so this is absolutely not a joke story that all of us silly games journalists have run with. I wish it were. The Cup Noodle hat is not the hat we need right now, but it is the hat we deserve.

My fellow BC games writer Gavin Sheehan remarked:

My mind immediately went to Arin Hanson from the Game Grumps saying "Do you know how much puss we could get with that hat? Like, 7 puss."

In other news, FFXV's Power Rangers Magitek Exosuits were delayed because of copyright issues.

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