Let's Take a Look at Some Jurassic World Figures! Part 1: Humans

Jurassic World dinos and figures are on stores shelves now, and we scoured the stores to get our hands on some of the coolest offerings in Mattel's new line. From oversized dinosaurs to the humans they are trying to eat over the last four films, we have a little bit of everything to show you. Mattel has many different options for any budget for these figures, and if what we are looking at today is any indication, this may just be the best Jurassic Park toy line we have gotten. Today we will be looking at the humans and the classic Jurassic Park Jeep from the Target exclusive Jurassic World Legacy Collection!

First the Jeep. Screen accurate, it looks exceptional. It even has the winch in the front! It can comfortably hold three of the 3 3/4 inch figures and is made of really sturdy plastic. It really is a great piece for $20. It's part of the Legacy line that is exclusive to Target stores and features characters from the entire series of films. They also include a first wave of figures from the first film…

And here they are! Alan Grant, Robert Muldoon, and Ellie Sattler make up the first wave of figures. At 3 3/4 inches, you would think that it would limit the articulation on these, but I was presently surprised with their range of motion. Well, except Muldoon. His arms are useless. The standout from these three is for sure Ellie. She has the best sculpt, poses well, and comes with her flashlight. All three actually come with accessories and little mini dinos that can attach to them. For $7.99 getting all of that is pretty great these days with the kind of articulation they have.

The same goes for the Jurassic World basic figures. The Owen I picked up came with his shoulder bag, knife, and an adorable Baby Blue. The details on Blue are fantastic. Just like the Legacy figures, Owen is easy to pose, and I love that his knife attaches to his waist and stays there. While posing and other things it never fell off. The bag could sit a little lower, but it's okay. Again — for $7.99 it is well worth the purchase.

I am extremely happy with these. I hope we get some more waves from Legacy, and I plan on finishing out the Jurassic World figures as well. These are all in stores now, or you can order some for yourself here.

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