Final Fantasy TCG Receives A New Booster Pack In Opus XII

Square Enix has released a new booster pack for the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game with Opus XII: Crystal Awakening. This particular set includes new Multi-Element cards that combine the strengths of two different elements. However, you need to leverage both elements in order to cast the card. There are also Forwards which have multiple Elements that you can play in the field, but you'll need to generate one CP of each Element they possess while also having stronger abilities and powers than regular Forwards. Both of these additions are designed to give players new forms of strategy when playing their hands, but it also gives their opponent an open window to take advantage of if they haven't calculated their attacks just right. You can get the booster set right now, and those who purchase a sealed Booster Pack display of Opus XII: Crystal Awakening will find the box contains a full-art promo card featuring Final Fantasy X-2 protagonist Yuna. Here's a little more info fo what's inside this set.

A look at the new booster pack for the Final Fantasy TCG, courtesy of Square Enix.
A look at the new booster pack for the Final Fantasy TCG, courtesy of Square Enix.

Opus XII features brand-new artwork and original illustrations from well-known Final Fantasy artists, including:

  • Gen Kobayashi (Final Fantasy Explorers)
  • Yasuhisa Izumisawa (World Of Final Fantasy / Final Fantasy VI)
  • Ryoma Ito (Final Fantasy XI)
  • Rubi Asami (FFTCG Original)
  • Toshiyuki Itahana (Final Fantasy IX)
  • Yusuke Itahana (Final Fantasy XI)
  • Isamu Kamikokuryo (Final Fantasy XII)
  • Toshitaka Matsuda (Final Fantasy V)

As an added bonus, the Opus XII: Crystal Awakening booster deck introduces three "Legacy Cards" that are Premium Full Art versions of highly sought after cards from previously released sets, which can be found below:

  • Shantotto 1-107L (Illustration by Tetsuya Nomura originally from Dissidia Final Fantasy)
  • Locke 4-048L (Illustration by Yoshitaka Amano originally from Final Fantasy VI)
  • Minwu 6-123L (Illustration by Toshitaka Matsuda originally from Final Fantasy TCG Opus VI)

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