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Final Kombat 2020: Grand Finals – Ninjakilla_212 vs. SonicFox

We're reporting live in Chicago! …From the 27th floor of a hotel room to bring you the results of today's Final Kombat 2020 tournament for Mortal Kombat 11. After the coronavirus concerns made the organizers decide to do an empty arena (except for crew, players, and essential staff), the rest of us were left to do our coverage remotely. While I pack my bag for the flight home and order room service for the last time on the company dime, here are the results of the Grand Finals!

"Mortal Kombat 11" Pro Kompetition Championship Reveals Event Details
Credit: WB Games

Final Kombat 2020 Grand Finals: Ninjakilla_212 vs. SonicFox

We started match one with SonicFox keeping his Ace of Knaves build for Joker, while Ninjakilla went with a Louhan Quan build for Liu Kang. The two traded combos and blows, but Sonic got the edge int he corner for the first win. More of the same took place in game two traded combos and blows. But Sonic snagged their Fatal Blow for the second win to go up 1-0. Diving immediately into the second match, Ninja came back with a series of combos and corner tactics for the first victory. Sonic came back a bit to even it out and capitalized on missed hits to tie it up. Sonic tried to capitalize on the effort, but Ninja held them off for the 1-1 tie.
Immediately into the third match, the two were playing fake-out games with combos and sly moves. Sonic got the better of that game with the first victory. These two continued their even trades in damage until Sonic found and opening and delivered the crushing blow to move up 2-1. Diving right into match four with no wasted time, it looked like a replay of the mind games between each other. Sonic took the first victory after faking out a few punishing combos that made Ninja think twice. After that, Sonic ran rampant over Ninja, including getting a Batman puppet show as Sonic went up 3-1 and took the round.

Winner: SonicFox (3-1)

Since this is double elimination, and both men had beat each other once, we now have one more set of games for the two to secure the victory and bounce the other out in a best of five.

Keeping the same characters from before, they traded combos again for another round until Sonic took the Fatal Blow for the first win. Sonic spent the next game chasing Ninja around as he avoided some of the obvious attacks and kept playing mind games. But it didn't work as Sonic got two end combos off for the 1-0 lead. The two did a costume swap before diving into the second match. Sonic owned the first game for the most part, but for some reason, they didn't block with the clock running down to lose the first one with ninja going up a victory. Ninja capitalized on it with a flurry of combos to take the second win and make it 1-1.

Sonic let their guard down and basically gave up most of his health in the third match, but in the last 10 seconds, Sonic was able to make a comeback and take the first win. Ninja tried to prevent it from happening again, but like an instant replay, Sonic pulled it out again with a Final Blow this time for another come from behind win to go up 2-1. For the fourth match, Ninja was clearly feeling the pressure on camera. After what looked like some contemplation, he stayed with Liu Kang. This was combo central as the two traded off combos and crushing blows, but Sonic managed to eek out the first win. back to the trade-off combos as each player knows the other so well, they both got each other down equally. Ninja took a lead, however, and punished Sonic for a couple of attempts. However, in the end, Sonic scored a Fatal Blow and took the victory. Sonic scored the last win he needed to win it 3-1.

Congrats to SonicFox for winning Final Kombat 2020!

Winner: SonicFox (3-1)

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